Show-Me Net

Windows XP Setup Instructions

Setting up a computer to connect with Windows XP is easier than you might think.

- Click on the Internet Explorer icon (If the Connection Wizard starts, click "cancel")
- Click on "Tools,"  "Internet Options," and the "Connections" tab.  (Remove any old connections.)
- Click the "Add" button
- Select "Dial up to private network"
- Click "Next"
- Enter a local phone number (DO NOT CALL LONG DISTANCE!)

Jackson 204-0040
    Benton 545-3922
    Perryville 517-0400
    Marble Hill  238-1414
    Patton  866-0026
    Advance  722-3422
    Pocahontas  833-6030
    Oran  262-8820
    Ste. Genevieve  535-2020

- Enter "Show-Me Net" for the name of the connection.
- Click "Finish"
- Enter your user name (use the user name we gave you--don't put on it) and password  (use the password we gave you)
- Click "OK"

My computer does not dial.

In Internet Explorer, click on: Tools, Internet Options, and the Connections tab.   Click the dot next to "Always dial my default connection."

I get an incorrect user name or password message.
One new security feature of WinXP is that the password field looks like it contains too many letters.  
1) Try re-entering the correct password.  Remember that passwords are case sensitive.   One way to see if you are typing the correct password is to type it in Notepad or anywhere that you can see the letters.
2) Check your user name.  A common mistake is that members enter their e-mail address here.  You should enter only your user name without the
3) If you still can't connect, try dialing in 3 or 4 times and then call the Help Desk, 204-1097.  We might see error messages showing the cause of the failure.

This page last updated June 14, 2006