Three  ways to spend a LOT of money. 


1. FREE Internet trial periods!  But, the long distance charges may be enormous.   You should always dial in to a local provider.  One member received a $1200 phone bill after a "free month" of AOL.  The nearest AOL access number was in Jefferson City at that time.

2. UNSECURED credit card transactions. But, practically anyone can intercept your credit card number.  Credit card and identity theft are the crimes of the new century.  Modern browsers can provide secure connections.  Internet Explorer and Netscape show a small padlock on the tool bar when you are connected to a secure site.  More info can be obtained by holding the mouse over, or clicking on, the padlock.  High encryption versions are available.  It is best to check the credibility of unknown vendors at other sources.

3. FREE downloads for pornography!  But, these often program your computer to dial overseas.  Ads like the one below have cost Show-Me Net members thousands of dollars. The programs direct your computer to dial directly to their business. Note that "normal int'l rates" means "normal international rates," which can be more than $8 per minute!  Never download programs from disreputable sites.  These ".exe" programs can change browser preferences, send personal info anywhere, disable anti-virus programs, or even erase your hard drive!

Some members have been able to get the phone company to credit their accounts for these calls.


No membership or credit card is required. You simply need to download
and run this program, which will allow you to access our archives.
Pictures range from beautiful nudes to hardcore porn!

Plus:   Nasty xxx-rated AVI & MPG video clips, nasty online cybersex,
and more. You get instant access. Just normal int'l rates apply.

The file size is 788k and takes less then 5 minutes to download and install.
For Windows 3.x Windows95/98, NT


This page was last modified January 6, 2005 .

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