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Top Member Problems/Questions

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  1. My computer has a virus!
  2. I get disconnected all of the time!
  3. My computer won't dial in!
  4. I can't get my e-mail!
  5. How do I set up my new computer?
  6. I lost my password.
  7. How do I reduce junk mail (spam)?
  8. When is my renewal date?
  9. How do I change my password?
  10. How do I check my e-mail from afar?
1.  My computer has a virus!  What do I do?
The easiest way to remove a virus is to use a on-line scanning tool.  Free services, e.g. HouseCall or Symantec's Security Check , will do a free scan and/or virus removal while you wait.  Just go to their sites and follow the directions. 
Then, you should immediately install a good anti-virus program, such as those provided by Norton, McAfee, or Grisoft AVG.  These antivirus program must be updated on the Internet.  Good anti-virus software costs about $30-40 for the program and a full year of updates.  Grisoft AVG is free for personal home use.  Several vendors sometimes offer free 30 day trials.  All anti-virus programs must be updated frequently to ensure full protection.  When you have downloaded and updated the software, you should use it to perform a full system scan.  Any virus should be detected and automatically removed.  Sometimes additional instructions will be provided.   These should be followed to the letter. 

2.  I get disconnected all of the time.

There are 2 types of disconnections - Random and Timed.

RANDOM disconnections are almost always due to poor phone lines. Call Waiting may also be a cause.  Members who experience random disconnections should optimize the phone lines inside their home and ask AT&T to check their outside lines for free by calling 800/246-8464.  A quick way to test the building wiring is to run a long phone line from your modem directly to the gray phone company box located outside.  If the results are improved, the wiring in your building is at fault.  Call Waiting, if not disabled, may cause disconnections whenever an incoming call occurs.   Windows users may disable it in the Telephony or Modems section of the Control Panel.

TIMED disconnections are either due to Show-Me Net or your computer. 
-- Show-Me Net will disconnect members after 2 hours regardless of activity.
-- By default, Windows disconnects after 20 minutes of idle time.
-- Another common disconnection occurs because of settings in Outlook Express. 

3.  My computer won't dial in.

A common bug in Windows systems is that the "Never dial a connection" option is selected at random for no apparent reason.  This "Internet Options" setting should be changed to "Always dial my default connect."  The easiest way to find this setting is to open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools", "Internet Options", and the "Connections" tab.

4.  I can't get my e-mail.

E-mail problems may be because of improper setup, "bad" or huge messages, or a virus.  Standard setup instructions may be found on Show-Me Net's E-mail Tips page.  Several viruses lock up some e-mail programs.  "Bad" messages may often be retrieved with a different e-mail program.  For example, if you can't get a message with Outlook Express, try Pegasus or a special troubleshooting program like Popcorn. 

A growing number of members are using a basic e-mail program to screen their mail without downloading it from the server.  They delete all of the Spam, viruses, and messages with huge attachments.  Then, they use their regular e-mail program to download their messages.  One free basic e-mail Program, Popcorn, is an excellent tool for screening messages.  Popcorn installation instructions are at    Macintosh users can use a similar program - POPmonitor

If nothing works,  we will gladly delete the "problem" message or all of your mail if you call the Help Desk, 573/204-1097.  We will require your password before deleting any mail.

5.  How do I set up my new computer?

Installations for most operating systems may be found on Show-Me Net's Help Desk page.  The Troubleshooting guide is a quick and easy way to verify any Windows connection is set up properly.

6.  I lost my password.

Since passwords are confidential, we will not give this information without some proof of identity.  Usually, when a member calls and asks for their password, we will call them back at the phone number on their application and give it to them.

7.  How do I reduce junk mail (spam)?

Show-Me Net offers at no extra charge one of the best junk mail filtering services in the industry, Postini.  This service is fully adjustable by the user.  Just access your Postini Message Center, and click on "junk mail settings".  You can reduce spam considerably by following the advice on our E-Mail Tips  and Spam pages.

8.  When is my renewal date?

A month or so before your renewal date, we will send you a postcard notice at the last address we have on file for your account.  (Please call or e-mail to update your address if you move.)  We will also send an e-mail message to your address notifying you of your upcoming renewal.  Please check your mail periodically.  Contact the Help Desk at or 204-1097 if you want to know your renewal date.  Please send checks to:
Show-Me Net
PO Box 705
Jackson, MO  63755

9.  How do I change my password?

For security reasons, Show-Me Net assigns passwords with mixed letters, numbers, and capitalization.  Passwords can only be changed by Show-Me Net Help Desk technicians.
Passwords are used for several purposes on 2 servers.  First, your password is required during your dial-up connection to allow access to the Internet.  Then, Show-Me Net's mail server checks it when members retrieve e-mail, upload a personal homepage, and for other purposes.
Normally, we will only change your password if some else has your password, and you want to restrict their access to your account.

10. How do I check my e-mail from afar?

You may check your Show-Me Net e-mail from practically any computer connected to the Internet. The easiest way is to go to the section on our homepage entitled "Check your Show-Me Net e-mail away from home". You will need to enter your e-mail address and password.

Another way is to set up an e-mail program (Outlook Express, Pegasus, etc.) just like you set it up on your home computer.  (see )  Then, connect to any Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check your mail.   Sending is often more complicated due to e-mail relaying rules.  If you are unable to send Show-Me Net mail while connected to another ISP, you might be able to by changing the sending server to whatever that ISP uses.

Many members who travel prefer to set up web-based e-mail accounts with Yahoo, HotMail, etc.  These accounts may be viewed with a web browser from anywhere.  Please DO NOT give these companies your Show-Me Net password!

Another option is to load Popcorn onto a floppy disk.  Then, you can run the Popcorn.exe file on the floppy from another computer.  Click here for instructions.

This page was last modified October 17, 2007