Show-Me Net

Windows Millenium (ME) Setup Instructions

1. Set Up a Dial-Up Networking Connection.

1.  Click on "Start"
2.  Click on "Settings"
3.  Click on "Dial-Up Networking"

If this is your first time to Dial-Up Networking, a "wizard" will start, and ask a few simple questions.  Use these instructions as a guide to answer those questions.  If it doesn't work, start these instructions again.

4. You should see only 1 icon:  "Make New Connection" (If you have any unwanted or non-working icons, just RIGHT-Click on each, click "Delete," and click "Yes")
5. Double-click on "Make New Connection."
6. Type a name for the computer you are dialing -- "Show-Me Net"
7. Enter the area code "573" and phone number. DO NOT CALL LONG DISTANCE! 

Jackson  204-0040
Benton  545-3922
Perryville  517-0400
Marble Hill  238-1414
Patton  866-0026

Advance 722-3422
Pocahontas  833-6030
Oran  262-8820
Ste. Genevieve 535-2020

8. Click "Finish."

2. Fine Tune the Connection.

1.  RIGHT-Click on Show-Me Net's icon in Dial-Up Networking.
2.  Left Click on "Properties" 
The ONLY changes or additions necessary are:
-- REMOVE the check mark in the box next to:  "Use area code and dialing properties."
-- Verify that the "Connect using:" box lists your modem.  If in doubt, assume it is correct. 
-- NEVER click on the "Configure:" button and change anything!

3. Enter Your User Name & Password

1. DOUBLE-click the Show-Me Net icon in Dial-Up Networking.
2. Enter your User ID in the "User name" field.  USE ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS!
3.  Enter your password in the "Password" field.  CAPITALIZATION IS IMPORTANT!

Show-Me Net should work if you do not change any other settings.  If your connection does not work, delete the Show-Me Net icon and set it up again.  Just click on "Make New Connection" and answer the questions.  If it still doesn't work, ask a computer knowledgeable friend for help, or call Show-Me Net's Help Desk, 204-1097. 

This page was last modified August 15, 2006