Show-Me Net

Windows 95/98 Troubleshooting Guide 
(These instructions work for ALL Versions of Windows 95 and 98)

1.   Click on "My Computer"
2.  Click on "Dial-Up Networking"
(Unless you have service with another Internet Service Provider, you should see only 2 icons:  "Make New Connection,"  and "Show-Me Net."   If you have any unwanted icons, just RIGHT-Click on each, click on "Delete," and click "Yes" you are sure.)
3.  RIGHT-Click on Show-Me Net's icon (If you do not have a Show-Me Net icon, click on "Make New Connection" and follow the instructions.  If you don't know the answers -- guess.  After you click "Finish," Right-Click on the new icon and continue these instructions.)
4.  Left Click on "Properties"  All of the settings are in this section.  The ONLY changes or additions necessary are:

-- Enter the telephone number that you want to dial.  DO NOT CALL LONG DISTANCE! 

Jackson 204-0040
Benton 545-3922
Perryville 517-0400
Pocahontas 833-6030
Oran 262-8820
Marble Hill 238-1414
Patton 866-0026
Advance 722-3422
Ste. Genevieve 535-2020

-- Remove the check mark in the box next to:  "Use area code and dialing properties" or "Use country code and area code."
-- Verify that the "Connect using:" box lists your modem.  If in doubt, assume it is correct. 
-- NEVER click on the "Configure:" button and change anything!

-- Click on the "Server Types" tab or button.
-- The type of Dial-Up server is "PPP...."
-- The ONLY boxes checked should be "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP"  Un-check all others on this page.

Show-Me Net should work if you do not change any other settings.  If your connection does not work, try deleting it and set it up again.  Just click on "Make New Connection" and answer the questions.  Then, follow steps 3 and 4 to "fine-tune" the setup.  If it still doesn't work, ask a computer knowledgeable friend for help, or call Show-Me Net's Help Desk, 204-1097. 

This page was last modified June 9, 2006