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(This information was provided by Lee Pasborg.  Thanks Lee!)

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If you have a newer Mac, installation is quite easy.  Look under the Apple Menu for ‘Internet Access’ and choose ‘Internet Setup Assistant’.  (If you do not have ‘Internet Setup Assistant’ you will have to enter the same information in the Modem and TCP/IP control panels.)

The first screen asks if you’d like to set up your computer to use the internet—answer Yes

The second screen wants to know if you have an internet account—answer Yes

This takes you to the ‘Introduction’ page. Read it and click on the right arrow at the bottom of the page

On configuration and connection page you are asked to name the account. You may choose any name you wish - "Show-Me Net" is a good choice.  Be sure to choose ‘modem’ at the bottom of the page. When finished, click on the right arrow.

On the modem page you need to pick your modem from the choices listed.

Internal Modem

External modem

If your Mac has an internal modem, you should see it listed if it is not the default choice. If you are using an external modem and you don’t see it listed, you may have to load the ‘modem script’ software that came with it. You must also choose which port the modem is connected to. External modems may be connected to the ‘printer’, ‘modem’ or ‘USB’ ports. Not all Macs will have all of these ports, but all will have some of them.
Also choose ‘tone’ or ‘pulse’ dialing. Most people in this area should choose ‘tone’. Click on the right arrow when finished.

The ‘Configuration information’ page is next. Enter the local Show-Me Net phone number you will be using:

Jackson  204-0040
Benton  545-3922
Perryville  517-0400
Marble Hill  238-1414
Patton  866-0026
Advance  722-3422
Pocahontas  833-6030
Oran  262-8820
Ste. Genevieve  535-2020

and your Show-Me Net  user ID and password. You should have all of this information on your welcome letter. (If you share your computer with people you’d rather not have using your Show-Me Net account, you can leave the password field blank—but you will have to enter your password every time you log on). Click on the right arrow when finished.

Click ‘no’ for PPP connect scripts and click on the right arrow.

Click ‘no’ for IP address and click on the right arrow.

On the ‘Domain Name Server’ page enter ‘showme.net’ (without quotes) for the domain name. Click on the right arrow.

On the ‘E-mail address and password’ page enter your new e-mail address. It will be your login name followed with @showme.net. It will look like: userid@showme.net. Enter your Showme.net password in the password blank. Leave the third box the way it is and click on the right arrow.

On the ‘E-mail account and host computer’ screen enter your e-mail address and on the second box enter ‘showme.net’ (without the quotes) and click the right arrow.

Click on ‘no’ for proxy servers and click on the right arrow.

Click on Go Ahead to try and log on immediately. If you want to log on later uncheck the box.

To log on later, either find ‘Remote Access’ in the Apple Menu or use the ‘computer/telephone’ icon on your control strip.


This page was last modified June 9, 2006