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NEW!  The Linux users group of SEMO is now forming.
If you are interested, please email

Setting up a computer to connect to Show-Me Net using Linux or Unix is not very difficult.   Show-Me Net staff and volunteers will be glad to help. 

If you don't yet have Linux or UNIX installed on a computer, the easiest way to install it is to attend an InstallFest sponsored by the St. Louis Linux or UNIX Users Group.  Some Linux versions (e.g. Red Hat, Mandrake, etc.) can be installed on a computer without disturbing Windows in a dual-boot configuration.

Detailed instructions for setting up a connection using Red Hat Linux 8.0

Linux Links
The Linux Documentation Project
Red Hat
K-12 Linux
St. Louis Linux Users Group
St. Louis UNIX Users Group
Linux Books from
Free online Linux class.
List of Linux commands:

Linux software:

Linux Documentation:

This page was last modified June 21, 2005