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Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer:

Click HERE


Internet Explorer (older versions):

1. Click on "Tools" (or "View" in very old versions)

2. Select "Internet Options..."

3. Type  in the home page address window

4. Click "OK"


Netscape Communicator 7.0 or later:

1. Click on "Edit"

2. Select "Preferences"

3. Click on "Navigator"

4. Type  in the "Home Page" box

5. Click "OK"


Netscape Communicator  (older versions):

1. Click on "Edit"

2. Select "Preferences"

3. Make sure that Navigator "starts with Home page" is selected

4. Type  in the "Home page location" box

5. Click "OK"














This page was last modified October 20, 2003.